AUDITION Gigue bracelet

Item Description

Gigue:  A lively baroque dance originating from the British jig.

The base of the Gigue bracelet is a weave sometimes referred to as "Celtic", so   a name based on the word "jig" seemed appropriate!

It is currently available in the following options:

1. Bright aluminum and violet with iridescent beads

2.  Bright aluminum, green and red with white beads (Ho, Ho, Ho!)

3.  Bright aluminum and gunmetal with amethyst gunmetal beads (just the slightest hint of deep purple in them)

4.  Bright aluminum and blue with "metallic cosmos" beads

5.  Bright aluminum, goldtone and brown with green iris beads

Please use the "comment" section on the order page to indicate which option you wish to purchase.



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